A Fight Scene From Ghosts

"Don't move any further," a thunderous voice ordered from inside the prison.
They stood in place as a man emerged from the darkness within and marched toward them. He was very tall, square jawed, and quite muscular. He wore a tattered guard uniform and carried a broadsword in his hands.
"We are investigating what happened here," Gallif said boldly.
"Are you from Gunter Prison?"
"No, just travelers," she said calmly. "What happened here?"
"The Others," he said with his shoulders dropping. "They came in here last night. They slaughtered everything they could find."
"Everything, but you," Gallif pointed out. She saw true exhaustion in his face, but there was something about the way he was acting that bothered her.
"And a few more," he said. He waved back to the building and two more men in uniforms came out and stood behind him. The one on the right carried a short sword and the one on the left carried a battered axe.
"Have you sent anyone to Gunter Prison for help?" Gallif asked.
"No, we have no transportation left. During the battle some of the prisoners escaped and took our horses with them," he said moving closer to tower over Gallif. "We are in a state of emergency and, as a designated agent of the Giant Lord's Justice Service we will have to confiscate yours."
"Of course," Gallif said without a pause. "As designated agents you would have the authority to do that." As the man's broadsword wavered Gallif took a quick step forward and slammed a boot into his stomach. "If you were agents," she added angrily as the man dropped to the ground.
The man with the short sword jumped forward and took a swing at her but she easily countered it with the flame sword and dropped him with the frost sword. The other man with the axe moved to attack but Jakobus's talents with the same style of weapon, even when not cast, were better and he was cut deep in the leg. He changed his stance to attack the dwarf instead and soon died for it.
Three more men, still wearing their drab prison uniforms, came rushing out with various weapons in hand as the tall, muscular man started to rise.
"Gallif," Blinks yelled to her with a warning. "Snow!"
Gallif spun around and saw that one of the prisoners, carrying another axe, must have been hiding outside and was trying to mount Snow. He grabbed hold of the reins, clicked his heels into Snow's side, and screamed at the horse to move. To his shock Snow just snorted and stood in place.
Gallif started sprinting in his direction as the prisoner raised his axe above his head and threatened the stubborn horse to run. Her heart pounding in her ears, Gallif increased her speed but she knew, to her horror, she wasn't going to make it.
There was a rush of air over her head and an arrow impaled the prisoner. He froze as he realized he had failed in his attempt to escape and slumped to one side. Gallif arrived and pulled the body off of her companion and let it drop to the ground in a heap. She looked up and saw that the other attackers had been killed by Jakobus and Acurifx.
She looked down and realized that the arrow had probably saved Snow's life. She turned to look back at the prison and saw Luvin standing with his bow in his hands. As he ran toward her he slung it over his shoulder and drew his hammer.
"Thank you," Gallif said to him as she returned her swords to their sheaths. She put a hand on his shoulder and leaned her head in next to his, whispered another thank you, then pulled away.
"I also need to say, thank you," Jakobus said to Acrufix. "Two of those last three took advantage of their size and strength," he explained to the rest of them. "They would have picked me up and thrown me towards the spikes had Acrufix not intervened."
"Shiny Guy saves another one," Blinks said. "Been doing a good job keeping an eye on our backs."
"Shiny Guy," Acrufix said solemnly. "Acrufix. "The closer I get to finding my god and earning his forgiveness the more I realize that they are both fictitious names. Names of a life I have left behind. My parents gave me the name, and introduced me to my god, as Jayus. I would be honored if you would refer to me in that way. Reborn to my true self."
Slowly Gallif, Jakobus and Blinks nodded. Luvin stayed just behind Gallif and examined the olive skinned man closely.
"Close and lock the doors so nobody can get at the horses while we go further inside," Gallif said to Luvin and Blinks. They obeyed and rejoined the others at the front of the prison a few minutes later. They all drew their weapons and slowly stepped in to the dark building.
They walked through a short hallway and through two huge metal doors to get into the first room. On the far wall were two cell doors with heavy locks; both were open and the cells behind them were empty. There were two more unbarred doors on each wall and three desks inside a room with three large cabinets, opened to reveal various types of manacles and chains. There were papers, personal items, and some minor weapons thrown about the room as in the aftermath of a riot. They glanced at some of the papers and read about some of the prisoners, but nothing of valuable caught their attention.
Gallif looked out the side doors and found hallways leading further into the prison. While most were completely dark she noted the orange glow of a torch burning just around a corner. In absolute silence she walked down the hallway. Jakobus was directly behind her, followed by Blinks and Luvin, side by side, and Jayus brought up the rear.
They passed several offices before they reached the corner. The contents of each office had been ransacked like the first office they had entered. They found several sets of keys that Blinks collected and standard issue swords. All of the prison guards were trained in using standard swords and were never seen in uniform with any other type of weapon. Gallif was surprised that the prisoners who had been pretending to be guards hadn't remembered that.
Just around the first corner they found a lifeless body crumpled against a wall. It was pale and shallow even though it had not been dead for very long. They could also see by the rips in its throat where the blood had been removed. Both Jakobus and Jayus said prayers as they passed the body.
The next area was quite large with several large cabinets and private stalls. It was obvious this was where the prisoners were stripped of their civilian clothes, washed thoroughly, and given their gray and black prison uniforms and sandals before they were taken to their cells. There were also several red robes worn by the prisoners at night. Two very small torches were burning in this room and the daylight that filtered in from the hallway created lots of places to hide.
Carefully they worked their way around the room checking every hiding spot.
Gallif moved in one direction with Luvin close behind her and gasped when she opened one of the cabinet doors. She froze in shock at the sight of a woman a few years older than her huddled inside the cabinet. Her hands and feet were tied together in leather straps and she was completely naked. As one of the hinges on the door creaked she realized she'd been found and kicked out at what she expected to be another attacker as she moved further back into the cabinet.
"Oh, goddess," Blinks whispered as he joined them.
Luvin saw the look of horror on Gallif's face and worked quickly. He grabbed a red robe from a wall hook, took a pair of pants and a shirt from a stack of clean uniforms and handed them to the woman gently. She covered herself up and looked at him quizzically. He stood in front of Gallif so she could not see much more.
"Can I have your hands?" Luvin asked her and she pulled away and tried to hide under the robe. As she did the lower end was pulled up and revealed her bound feet. Slowly, making sure she could see every move, Luvin untied the straps. He worked patiently and she shivered at his touch. She looked down at her feet and at Luvin as he held his open hand to her so she could see the leather. She nodded and slowly pulled her hands out from under the robe and offered them to him. He untied her hands as well and offered her the straps. She took them, looked at them closely and tossed them aside. She looked at Luvin, then glanced under her robe and shook her head.
"She won't get dressed while you're watching her," Gallif said stepping forward.
Luvin looked back at her green eyes and they both understood what they needed to do. All of the males took a few steps away so the woman could not see them. Gallif stayed close to the cabinet but looked away so the woman could have privacy and protection.
With her hands still shaking the woman methodically got dressed. She wrapped the robe around herself and sat quietly inside the protective shell of the cabinet.
"My name is Gallif," Gallif said gently. "You're safe with us." The woman, with fear in her eyes, shook her head. "Are you hungry?" Gallif asked and the girl barely nodded.
Without looking back Luvin reached into a pocket and pulled out a small bag of dried beef he had found at the estate. Gallif took it, squeezed his hand to thank him, then carefully pulled a strip out and offered it to the woman.
"Maurial," the woman said with sad eyes. "My name is Maurial."
"Hello, Maurial," Gallif said stumbling at the similarity of the name to Maura's. "Luvin is the one who got you the clothes. Jakobus is my dwarven friend and Blinks is the tallest one. Acrufix, er, Jayus, is the other."
"Others?" Maurial said in fear and trembled.
"No, no, no, no," Gallif said quickly. "He's okay, he's my friend. I trust him."
Luvin shifted uncomfortably and kept his eyes on one of the other cabinets.
"Here," Gallif said giving her the rest of the bag.
Maurial took the bag and started chewing on another strip as she looked closely at Gallif. Slowly her trembling ceased.
"I must ask," Gallif started, "were you a prisoner here?"
Maurial shook her head and said with a shaky voice, "I helped keep records on who was coming and going. Made sure the right prisoner was in the right cell."
"I didn't know they brought twenty year old women to the prisons."
"Yeah, there are only a few of us who are willing to take the duty," Maurial said and half smiled at herself.
"I wouldn't have the nerve to do it," they both heard Blinks say and Gallif hoped someone would nudge him to shut up. From the grumbling she heard Gallif suspected it was Jakobus.
"Is there anyone else inside the prison? Anyone trapped, or some prisoners holed up some place?" Gallif asked.
"I don't know. In the chaos it was hard to keep track of everyone."
"Gallif," Jakobus said slowly as he came forward and put a hand on her shoulder. "It's getting late in the afternoon. The longer we stay in here the darker it will get out there."
"If we get going soon we can get in the clear before sundown, but we'll still be riding through the night. Even with your torches we could get caught out there unprotected in the dark. For tonight I think it'd be better if we find a safe place here. See what you can find," she said to Blinks and Luvin. They started working their way back towards the main office looking for a place they could make secure.
Maurial took a deep breath and forced the tremors from returning to her hands.
"We'll keep you safe," Gallif assured looking around the room. "We'll keep the Others out of here tonight."
"The Others didn't do this to me," Maurial shook her head. "Prisoners did."