An Important Moment

"What if they are lying?" Aliala had asked them on that fateful day so long ago. The Giant Lords had just declared Gallif as Fugitive Kind by accusing her of terrible crimes. Throughout her life Aliala had been taught to worship the Giant Lords. She had believed in them, never doubting their benevolence. Then the mountain fell: more importantly, she met Gallif. She had seen the woman face to face, shared a meal with her, and learned to trust her. Even after an audience with the Giant Lords she could not believe the woman she had met had done those terrible things.
Underlying rumbling from the crowd at the school followed her question, but no one had challenged her or what she had said. Not one person stood to defend the Giant Lords. A few of them glanced at her as they worked their way out of the auditorium, but there was nothing more until the next day. That was when the silence came.
No one sat with her during lunch, no one played with her during breaks, and none of the teachers would call on her when she raised her hand. Her best friend, Saraso, avoided her and only her brothers would even make eye contact with her. Despite being treated like an elf, and not like the dwarf and human halfling she was, she held her head because she knew that she was right.
Midway through the following week she spotted a folded piece of paper jammed into a crack in the wood on her desk. She quietly opened it, careful not to attract attention, and was relieved to see Saraso's handwriting on the paper.
She folded the paper, gently slid it inside one of her books and glanced at Saraso. She was reading her assignment but Aliala knew she was smiling because of the connection they had just shared.
The next day there was another note, this one from Binchilla.
I Believe You!!!