Gallif's best friend is a pure white horse named Snow. One night they are travelling and are ambushed:

Three skeletons carrying bone axes and emitting the same white-blue glow that the carriage had were walking towards them.
"Go!" she ordered her companion without looking back.
Snow took a few steps backwards but refused to move further away than that.
As they approached, Gallif waved her flame sword several times to try and warn them off. They moved further apart from each other, but kept closing in on her. They each swung their axes more to mimic and intimidate her than to do anything else.
She readied herself for battle. When they were but a few steps away she raised the flame sword and whipped it in a circle towards them. For the first time they faltered their pace and she knew she could damage them in combat.
The skeleton directly in front of her pulled back the axe and hacked at her with more strength than she would have guessed. She parried with her sword and deflected its aim and sent the swing downward. With the same motion she brought the sword back up at the skeleton to her right. The move caught it by surprise and it shook as the sword hit it hard in the pelvis. Before it could strike back she readied to attack it again but ducked when she felt the rush of a blade passing near her head. She took a step back and jabbed the hot blade at that attacker but missed it as well.
She leapt forward and passed between two of the skeletons who quickly turned to follow her while the third one was still behind them. She drew the sword back and drove it deep towards the closest skeleton. She hit dead center of its elbow and cut its arm in half. The limb dropped to the ground disappearing when it touched the dirt and the skeleton staggered off balance but regained its footing quickly. The arm with the weapon was still intact so she knew it was still a danger.
She told herself to keep moving and make them come after her and took a large leap sideways. The one armed skeleton moved back and the other came rushing forward brandishing its axe at incredible speed. She saw the third one starting to circle around her and tried to counter its move. The brief pause made her defensive swing late and her sword bounced off the axe. It deflected the skeleton's blade, but the tip cut her left leg above the knee and she grit her teeth in pain.
The third skeleton moved in with its axe ready but she ducked and rolled away and was back on her feet. Limping from the pain she went on the offensive and chopped at the one armed skeleton's weapon arm. She missed the appendage but struck the bone handle of the weapon and heard it crack.
The first skeleton swung back and she realized it was about to throw the axe. She tried to roll again but this time she landed on the cut in her leg and stumbled. She grunted as she rose and used every ounce of will power she could muster to push the pain away. The third skeleton came at her again and she targeted its chest. She managed to slip beneath its swing and shattered several of its ribs.
She rapidly drew her sword from its body and stepped back. With surprising speed the one armed skeleton was behind her and moving in to strike. Her move also caught it off guard and though the blade missed her, the bone handle slammed her in the side. The contact was low and solid and she knew that it had broken some of her ribs as well. She gripped the bone axe with her left hand and drove her right elbow back. The skeleton lost its grip on the weapon as it fell back. She tried to throw the axe away into the dark, but, before she could, it disappeared from her hand.
Gasping for breath and limping she tried to keep moving, but the pain was getting worse and it was getting harder for her to focus. As they advanced she backed away a few more strides until she was only a yard away from Snow, knowing she would lose this battle unless something changed. She glanced at her companion and debated mounting her and fleeing when she saw her other sword in its sheath on the saddle. Without thinking she grabbed it and stood with both weapons ready.
The weaponless skeleton broke away from the other and came running at her to knock her over. She waved the flame sword away at the last second and impaled the skeleton with her long sword. It was trapped and she made two swift sweeps with the flame sword through the skeleton's body. It completely collapsed and the bones vanished when they hit the ground. The confidence of having defeated one of her attackers helped her ignore the pain and she went after the others.
She knew the trick wouldn't work twice, so she changed her tactics. She moved directly between the skeletons and parried both their attacks. She feigned a step one way and they moved to counter her but she instead stepped the other and came to the side of the first skeleton. It aimed high at her and she aimed low removing its leg below the knee. It tilted to one side and disappeared as it hit the ground.
Her last opponent took a few steps back but kept its weapon ready. She saw its head jerk in several direction and knew it was looking for a new approach. She glanced over her shoulder and saw that Snow was now directly behind her. When her eyes returned to the skeleton it pulled its weapon back to throw. She knew either her or Snow would be hit and with all her strength ran at the skeleton with her sword held high. As it started to throw she drove the flame blade into the skeleton's chest. She broke its back bone completely and the entire body shattered. Like the others the bones and bone fragments vanished as they hit the ground.
Exhausted and with the cut in her leg and the bruise on her side she stumbled but stayed up. Snow came to her and stood close. She put the sword in its sheath but kept the flame sword in her hand. She couldn't mount completely so she held tight to the saddle as Snow carried her to some of the soft grass far enough away from the trees to be seen clear in the starlight.
Once there Gallif pulled a small leather purse from a saddle bag and dropped to the ground. She considered to use her own ranger healing skills but could not concentrate long enough to make them work. She grunted again and took several deep breaths to try and calm herself. She pulled several bandages and rags from the purse and carefully cleaned and wrapped the cut on her leg. She thought of digging up the healing potion, but decided to save it for wounds far worse than this. She laughed at the realization that this was most likely much better than what was to come. Whatever that was.
After the wound was cleaned and dressed she lay on the ground and didn't move for several hours. Snow stood guard nearby.